Baby Baptisms – Understanding the Symbols of Sacrifice

While some of us realize the religious significance of infant baptisms, we may not identify just how each part of the ceremony attractively represents brand new life, forgiveness and love. Knowing the importance of theirs is able to provide this ritual brand new meaning. To make the second much more memorable, let us check out a couple of symbols you might encounter throughout the baptism of the kid of yours.


Water, a vital component of the baptism, is Baptism Robes a sign of each death and daily life. Washing away sins, it cleanses so that the old life passes away as well as the new life of Christ begins. In many cases, you are going to see water incorporated into the baptism service in 2 ways– sprinkling or perhaps immersion. Baptismal water may be sprinkled with the baby’s forehead, or maybe the infant may be submerged in the baptismal font as being a water ritual.


It’s not the candle but the light it emits that’s spiritually considerable. The mild presents Christ, the Light of the World, and that is currently entering into the child’s life. It may be lit at any time throughout the ceremony and it is usually provided to the parents as being a baby keepsake to recall the significance of this particular day.

White-colored Garments

Using white-colored baptismal outfits is actually a sign of purity and cleansing as a noticeable sign of placing on Christ and taking on a completely new means of living. These can frequently add a white rompers, skirts, infant bibs as well as shoes which are embellished with doves or perhaps crosses. Based on a lot of believers, the color white suggests that the stain of Original Sin is no longer upon the kid whose soul is actually wiped completely clean by way of the sacrament of baptism.


Oil is usually utilized to anoint the foreheads of the newly baptized as a sign of the energy as well as power of the Holy Spirit in the daily life of theirs. Throughout scripture, oil is a very common metaphor for God’s Spirit, and many had been anointed with oil prior to being appointed to big positions.

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